Phylanx Report: April 2020

The 32nd  month of work focused on work in the following areas:

  • Fixing build system and contiguous integration issues
  • Jetlag:
    • PEARC20 paper was accepted
    • Get Jetlag working (Traveler cannot parse data files), also, fixing Rostam issues
    • Get distributed examples working (Lack of support so far, but some experiments have been performed and some bug reports files),
    • Raspberry PI for Presync conference (still being attempted).
  • Traveller:
    • New Canvas-based rendering for Gantt charts and Performance Counters (currently in branch)
    • UI fixes/improvements for Traveler-Integrated (master branch)
  • APEX:
    • Updated APEX to launch processing on local locality only
    • Updated APEX to use integrated concurrent queue object from HPX when available
    • Updated build on POWER9
    • Collected 160-thread trace of lra_csv with additional PAPI counters for Traveler scaling tests
    • Maintained nightly CI tests and performance regression tests
  • PyFleaux:
    • pytiramisu was integrated in phyfleaux.
    • Essential Tiramisu functionality exposed in Python
    • pytiramisu is the polyhedral backend of phyfleaux
  • Phylanx:
    • Added retile(), identity_d(), random_d() primitives
    • Added more tests for cannon product primitive

Organizational Activities and Results

  • Weekly group-meeting, minutes:
    • April 1st, April 8th, April 15th, April 22nd, April 29th:

Repository Activity April 1st – April 30th:

Impact on Other Projects

  • Blaze:
    • Issue: remove ref-qualifiers from CustomMatrix::operator=() and Customvector::operator=()
  • HPX Pull Requests:
    • Adding test macros supporting custom output stream (#4561)
    • Improve spinlock implementation to perform better in high-contention situations (#4557)
    • Fix a runtime_ptr problem at shutdown when apex is enabled (#4553)
    • Attempt to fix APEX linking in external packages again (#4510)
    • Properly dispatch exceptions thrown from hpx_main to be rethrown from hpx::init/hpx::stop (#4487)
    • Fixing an initialization order problem (#4486)
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