Phylanx Report: June 2020

The 34th month of work focused on work in the following areas:

  • Fixing build system and contiguous integration issues
    • Implement changes needed to adapt to HPX modularization
  • Jetlag:
    • Got one of Chris’s codes to run through Phylanx
    • Continued to update/improve/debug the JetLag system.
    • Made a new movie of the JetLag demo
    • Contributed the modulus operator
    • improved to take a node list
    • Jetlag talk for the symposium
    • Registered for the PEARC jetlag talk
  • Traveller:
    • Re-integration of tooltip, selection, and highlighting in faster Gantt view.
    • UI improvements, including collapsible file menu to preserve screen space
    • Ordering of threads now numeric in Gantt view
    • Fixes for Jetlag integration
    • Refactoring of tooltip support in progress.
  • APEX:
    • APEX/HPX integration bugs fixed:
      • Fixed unit conversion when writing out TAU profiles
    • Added POWER9 buildbot configuration for continuous integration testing
    • Investigated, reported and resolved build / test failures from buildbot and nightly regression tests.
    • Updated buildbot continuous integration server and links from GitHub.
    • Added “untimed timers” option to support high-level timers that start and stop on different operating system threads
    • Added capture of /proc/self/status “Threads” value to observe the total number of OS threads spawned by an application
    • Added capture of OS context switches (both voluntary and nonvoluntary)
  • PyFleaux:
    • Create jupyter notebook as a getting started guide
    • Explore ways to extend Numpy to better support the Phylanx front end
  • Phylanx:
    • Implemented distributed primitives: conv1d_d, argmin_d, argmax_d
    • Implemented local primitives: mod
    • Adding 3D support for retiling, random_d, and constant_d primitives
    • Working on distributed statistics primitives
    • Improve PhySL compiler error messages
  • Tiling
    • Revised mincut paper to include regret analysis. Currently submitted to WAOA.
    • Working on setting up performance testing for existing distributed primitives.

Organizational Activities and Result

Weekly group-meeting, minutes:

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