Phylanx Report: March 2020

The thirty-first month of work focused on work in the following areas:

  • Fixing build system and contiguous integration issues
  • Phylanx code base
    • Merged distributed random and constant primitives
    • Working on distributed identity and retiling primitives
  • Tiling:
    • Focused on completing the polyhedral pipeline including a new algorithm for detecting affine loop nests
    • New data and task data-structures are added to facilitate code generation and improve Phylanx support
    • Initial tiling solver algorithm will be done soon.
    • Started working on implementing parts of it.
  • Fixed APEX various bugs related to profile output
    • Fixed performance issue related to lock contention in APEX
    • Reported, resolved Phylanx nightly build errors
    • Investigating distributed trace output bugs
  • Traveler tools:
    • Updates to Traveler-Integrated to keep consistent with Jetlag pipeline
    • Front-end changes to increase rendering speed for both time series and interval data coming from traces.
    • Bug fixes in linked panning and zooming in Traveler-Integrated

Organizational Activities and Results

  • Weekly group-meeting, minutes:
    • March 4th, March 11st, March 18th, March 25th:

Repository Activity March 1st – March 31st:

Impact on Other Projects

  • HPX Pull Requests:
    • Pull request: Change C++ standard handling (#4378)
    • Pull request: Adding serialization support for std::variant (if available) and std::tuple (#4417)
    • Pull request: Fix APEX linking in dependent projects (#4451)
    • Pull request: Fixing build system to actually build variant test (#4449)
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