Phylanx Report: May 2020

The 33rd month of work focused on work in the following areas:

  • Fixing build system and contiguous integration issues
  • Jetlag:
    • JetLag video has been recreated after many technical hurdles
      • Traveler bug
      • Machine outages
      • Bugs in Phylanx
      • Some issues remain. The system is not 100% reliable.
    • Added capabilities to Phylanx:
      • doc_str to run physl code directly in Python
    • PEARC20 paper camera ready copy submitted
  • Traveller:
    • Rendering performance improvements to Traveler-Integrated now merged to master.
    • Backend improvements for JetlagĀ support in-progress.
    • DocumentationĀ improvements.
  • APEX:
    • APEX/HPX integration bugs fixed:
    • Fixed Windows support (PR #122)
    • Fixed annotation for internal APEX processing
    • Investigated, reported and resolved build / test failures from buildbot and nightly regression tests.
    • Updated buildbot continuous integration server and links from GitHub.
    • Updated the task graph output from APEX with additional annotations on nodes
    • Helped diagnose and test HPX MPI distributed executions
    • Helped diagnose and fix annotations within HPX.
    • Helped diagnose Phylanx test failures for Release builds
  • PyFleaux:
    • pytiramisu was integrated in phyfleaux.
    • Essential Tiramisu functionality exposed in Python
    • pytiramisu is the polyhedral backend of phyfleaux
  • Phylanx:
    • Added inverse_d(), slice_d(), expand_dim_d(), diag_d(), shape_d() primitives
    • Fixing annotate_d(),
    • Adding 3D kmeans algorithm
    • Updating to changes in HPX (build system and #include changes)

Organizational Activities and Results

  • Weekly group-meeting, minutes:
    • May 6th, May 13th, May 20th, April 27th:

Repository Activity May 1st – May 31st:

Impact on Other Projects

  • HPX Pull Requests:
    • Adding scatter_to/scatter_from collective operations (#4676)
    • Adding C++20 latch API (#4635)
    • Making sure APEX is linked into every application, if needed (#4653)
    • Update get_function_annotation (#4651)
    • Adding C++20 counting semaphore API (#4634)
    • Adding C++20 barrier (#4636)
    • Making sure the thread-local lock registration data is moving to the core the suspended HPX thread is resumed on (#4610)
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