Phylanx Seminar: Plugging into the Power of Phylanx II

In this week’s seminar, Hartmut returns to the implementation of primitives; this time in the form of a Phylanx plugin. Hartmut creates the primitive “constants_of_nature” which returns the value of e, pi, or the universal answer based on user input. By the end of the lecture, viewers will have seen a step by step implementation of a Phylanx primitive, the necessary macros to make a plugin visible to the Phylanx library, discussion of late and early binding of arguments, and techniques to expose multiple primitives from a common eval function.

You can find links to the seminar materials below:

Seminar Video:

Source Code:

  • Because Hartmut is building the plugin inside a copy of the Phylanx repo, the code requires some changes to the build system to compile. All of these changes and the code presented in the lecture can be found in this branch of Phylanx:
  • You can additionally view the GitHub diff to see the files which have changed here.
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