Phylanx Report: January 2020

The twenty-nineth month of work focused on work in the following areas:

  • Fixing build system and contiguous integration issues
  • Improving JetLag code and working on Pearc20 paper
    • stop job feature, the ability to grant/revoke permissions for users to run a JetLag app (Running Phylanx is a JetLag app) and bug fixes
  • Fixed APEX various bugs related to profile output
    • Fixed performance issue related to lock contention in APEX
    • Reported, resolved Phylanx nightly build errors
    • Developed POWER9 build tests to be deployed in Feb 2020
    • Investigating distributed trace output bugs
  • Traveler tools:
    • Alterations to Traveler-Integrated backend for Jetlag pipeline
    • Context menu support in Traveler-Integrated as guided by UI prototypes
    • Support for /proc/meminfo and related timelines from APEX data collection
  • Working on Scop detection and openScop specification and implementation of the algorithm from the program structure tree paper

Organizational Activities and Results

  • Weekly group-meeting, minutes:
    • January 8th, January 21st, Januar 28th:

Repository Activity January 1st – January 31st:

Development Activities and Results

  • Algorithms Highlighted: Logistic Regression, ALS, K-Means
  • General
  • APEX
  • Traveler
  • Tiling
  • Primitives & Algorithms
  • Python

Repository Activity December 1st – December 31st:

Impact on Other Projects

  • Vcpkg:
    • Pull request: Updating HPX to V1.4 (#9773)
  • Blaze Tickets:
    • Issue: Random number distributions (#158)
    • Issue: Name conflict with preprocessor macro (#315)
  • HighFive ticket:
    • Pull Request: Rework dependencies to be dynamic, i.e. can be overridden when using from install (+ fix when they’s targets) (#205)
  • HPX Pull Requests:
    • Pull request: Fix launch process test with APEX enabled (#4341)
    • Pull request: Undefine VT1 and VT2 after boost includes (#4322)
    • Pull request: Checks for MPI_Init being called twice (#4300)
    • Pull request: Fixing collectives locking problem (#4296)
    • Pull request: Fixing problem if 128 bit atomics are not available (#4289)
  • Blaze Tensor:
    • Pull request: Adapting to AlignmentFlag changes in blaze (#57)


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