Phylanx Report: December 2019

The twenty-eighth month of work focused on work in the following areas:

  • Performance analysis

Organizational Activities and Results

  • Weekly group-meeting, minutes:
    • December 18th:

Development Activities and Results

  • Algorithms Highlighted: Logistic Regression, ALS, K-Means
  • APEX:
    • Refactored APEX/HPX integration to eliminate circular dependency.
    • Fixed function annotation to create valid OTF2 traces
    • Fixed HPX and Phylanx build issues for buildbot testing
    • Fixed Phylanx failed tests in debug builds
    • Several APEX code and config fixes due to HPX structural changes
    • APEX 2.1.7 released to sync with HPX 1.4.0 release.
  • Tiling:
    • Theory: worked on the online cut and advice complexity paper. We expect to arxiv it soon pending verification of some proofs.
    • Distributed Infrastructure and Tiling:
    • worked on distributed read and had issues with a bug for testing his Distributed matrix multiplication algorithms.

Impact on Other Projects

  • Blaze Tickets:
  • HighFive ticket:
    • Pull Request: fixing #106: fails to open existing file with Create flag (#107)
  • HPX Pull Requests:
    • Pull Request: Delete apex.hpp #4285
    • Pull Request: Make sure APEX is linked to even when not explicitly referenced #4275
    • Pull Request: Fixing HPX/APEX linking and dependencies for external projects like Phylanx #4261
    • Pull Request: Fix apex annotation for async dispatch, #4257
    • Pull Request: Ignoring lock in all_to_all and all_reduce, #4255
  • Blaze Tensor:
    • Pull Request: Adapting for recent changes in Blaze #56
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